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Why develop an Epilepsy Management Plan?

People living with epilepsy usually have seizures at unpredictable times.  Because epilepsy varies so much between individuals, it is crucial that everyone understands how to support the person - an EMP documents the person's seizure types, support needs and emergency procedures.

The person with epilepsy is an integral part of the development of the EMP.

Who needs to use an EMP?

The plan is intended for use by the person with epilepsy, their family and any other person who has a role in supporting the person with epilepsy, either in a paid or unpaid capacity, including:
  • Childcare and early childhood staff
  • Teachers, integration aides, other school and Out-of-School Hours Care program staff
  • Medical practitioners
  • Hospital accident, emergency and nursing staff
  • Aged care, Home and Community Care (HACC) and disability support workers
  • Sports, Scouts, Girl Guides and other recreation staff
  • Employers or any other place where the person with epilepsy or their family believes this would be useful.

NEW and UPDATED (these new plans supersede the previous versions)

Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP) - "Epilepsy:  Know me, support me"

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Emergency Medication Management Plan (EMMP) - "Epilepsy: Know me, support me" - Midazolam or Rectal Valium

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Seizure Record Form 

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Further information and training

Support is available to families and organisations including training in understanding epilepsy and the emergency management of seizures. Contact the Epilepsy Foundation on (03) 8809 0600.

Training for Families - Emergency Medication - please call the Epilepsy Foundation on (03) 8809 0600

Training for Teachers/Schools

Training for the Disability Sector

Training for HACC/Community Support Workers

Training for Nurses

Training for Workplaces


Epilepsy Management Plan - Disability Sector

The Epilepsy Foundation in partnership with Scope, Villa Maria, Melba Support Services, DHS and Yooralla is proud to be announced as winners in the 2013 Disability Awards for its partnership work with the sector in developing a universal Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP) in the Category: Excellence in Improving Health Award.  This was the foundation for the newly developed Epilepsy Management Plans which are available on our website.

Read more about the awards here

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