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What is an Epilepsy Smart School?

About 4 percent of the population will have epilepsy at some stage of their life. Most diagnoses are in children and older people. Whether your school knows of a student with epilepsy or not, there is a high chance within the school community that epilepsy could be part of the life of parents, staff, grandparents or friends. Being Epilepsy Smart is important and relevant for all schools.

An Epilepsy Smart School is one that understands and puts into practice inclusive practices that support a student with epilepsy to achieve academically and supports the student to foster peer relations. Broadly, there are three key aspects for schools to strive to achieve:

  • All students with epilepsy have a current Epilepsy Management Plan and policies and procedures are in place to ensure inclusive and safe practices
  • School staff understand the possible impact of epilepsy on students – attend Epilepsy Foundation training (and emergency medication administration when indicated)
  • Educate students about epilepsy using this website’s resources (with the agreement of the student with epilepsy and their family where appropriate).

The Epilepsy Foundation provides schools with FREE online resources to better help school children and teachers understand epilepsy.  Click here find out more.

Further information

For further information on training and resources to help your school become Epilepsy Smart, download our brochure here or call the Epilepsy Foundation (Melbourne metropolitan) on 8809 0600 or the Epilepsy Infoline (regional Victoria) on 1300 761 487 for the cost of a local call.

Alternatively, you can email the Epilepsy Foundation.