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Seizures & Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a common neurological condition in which a person has a tendency to have recurring seizures.

Living Well with Epilepsy

Each person experiences epilepsy in different ways depending on the type, frequency, severity and predictability of their seizures. In up to 70 percent of cases, medication can stop seizures occurring or at least reduce them dramatically.

Seizure Types

Epilepsy is a disorder of brain function that takes the form of recurring seizures. It is one of the most common serious neurological conditions.


SUDEP is sudden unexpected death in someone with epilepsy, who was otherwise well and in whom no other cause of death can be found, despite thorough post-mortem examination and blood tests. This does not include those who die in status epilepticus and those who die from a seizure-related accident.

Seizure First Aid

It is not uncommon when witnessing a seizure to feel frightened and helpless by recognizing the signs of seizures and knowing the appropriate first aid response, staying calm, you can help.


If you have epilepsy or seizures you may be eligible to hold a learner permit or driver licence for private vehicles as long as your seizures are well-controlled. This article provides information on the implications of epilepsy on obtaining or retaining a learner permit or driver licence.