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Our services include information, advice and support, epilepsy counselling, case management and practical assistance, as well as education and training, social and psychological research and advocacy for and with people with epilepsy.

We work to raise awareness of disorder in organisations and the broader community to reduce stigma and create a more welcoming and inclusive society.

Our services can be accessed over the phone, in person, via e-mail or in a range of community settings, such as in a person’s home, school or workplace.

Download a brochure on here or see below for more detailed information on specific offerings.

Further information

For further information on any of our services, please call the Epilepsy Foundation (Melbourne metropolitan) on (03) 8809 0600 or the Epilepsy Helpline (regional Victoria) on 1300 852 853 for the cost of a local call.

Alternatively, you can email us here.

At the Epilepsy Foundation we strive to provide effective epilepsy support, advocacy, education and research.  Our services are available to individuals, family members, friends and professionals irrespective of their age, gender, indigenous or ethnic culture, ability, socio economic circumstance, and religious or political affiliation.  Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a client of the Epilepsy Foundation is central to sustaining a good relationship between you and Epilepsy Foundation staff. Click on this link to access our Rights & Responsibilities brochure.



Counselling & Support

Our counselling and support services can be accessed over the telephone, in person, via email or in a range of community settings, such as a person's home, school or workplace. read more...


Education for People Living with Epilepsy

Learn about epilepsy and develop an Epilepsy Management Plan. read more...


Training & Resources for Professionals

Our organization provides epilepsy education and training workshops for a broad range of health, community care and workplace professionals. read more...


Group Support

A number of special groups are supported by our organization, including self-help and facilitated groups, which provide an opportunity to talk with someone in the same situation, share experiences, problems and ideas and enjoy shared activities. read more...


Epilepsy Smart Schools

Whether your school knows of a student with the disorder or not, there is a high chance within the school community that the disorder could be affecting part of the life of parents, staff, grandparents or friends. Being Epilepsy Smart is important and relevant for all schools. read more...


Information & Library

Our extensive library collection is a source of diverse information supporting a wide range of clients, including people with epilepsy, carers, children, medical and health professionals and the wider public with an interest in the disorder. read more...


Research & Policy

Our group undertakes research projects to better understand the needs, perceptions and experiences of people living with the disorder and is concerned with advocacy to ensure systemic change in all levels of government and the community. read more...



Ensuring that privacy and confidentiality are maintained is central to the Epilepsy Foundation's operations. read more...


Request a Service

To request a service from the EF, please contact us via telephone or email. read more...